Our 2021 Production 

Well-known songs in French and English
A weird story : A Life backwards
A bit of poetry, a slice of dreams. A dash of dance, lots of laughter.
And above all, Love…

Around a « Star »,
6 musicians, a Chorus of 13, a few soloists,
Backstage, a dozen of «Indispensables».

A donation to a Charity for each performance.

Enjoy the show !

La Bande à Frou-Frou


A Pantomime is a traditionally English musical featuring a fairy tale.

It is played, sung and danced by adults and children, usually at Christmas time.

For 400 years, English children have grown up attending Pantomimes from very early ages.

The many rules of an English Pantomime are funny and surprising. Among them:

  • The duality of Good and Evil is respected.
  • The “good guy” wins in the end and the “bad guy” is … nice.
  • Prince Charming is always played by a girl/woman.
  • The “nice lady” (mother, aunt, nurse, etc.) is always played by a man.
  • There is always a kitchen scene where, often, cream pies fly.
  • There is always a very funny striptease.
  • The public participates in encouraging the “good guys” and booing the “bad guys.”
  • Laughter is provoked by the comedy of the situation for the younger public and by the implied double meanings for the adults.

English Pantomime are highly recommended for everybody, from 4 to 104!

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